The monster Demogorgon has scared Mike, Dustin, Nancy and the other kids in Hawkins - and us here at home. In front of the screen, we have been fascinated by the unnatural parallel worlds and magnificent settlement with darkness in Upside Down.

Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer contacted Aaron Sims Creative to acquire a scary monster. Aaron Sim has been a court supplier of monsters to Steven Spielberg. The Duffer brothers loved the ideas and methods, and Aaron and his team ended up doing the design of the 80's and, above all, the mysterious parallel world Upside Down.

At The Nordic Media Festival Aaron Sims and his producer Michael Pecchia will give us an insight into how they work when they are building design, creating a monster and making visual effects.


Aaron Sims
(Founder & CEO)
Michael Pecchia
(Executive Producer)