With its legendary cover photo, its unmistakable mix of topicality and zeitgeist, politics, society and Hollywood, Vanity Fair has become a must-read and an inspiring example for magazine journalists the world over. 

Deputy Editor Dana Brown will be participating in the Nordic Media Festival to share how the magazine works, and how it has developed its extraordinary uniqueness. What are Vanity Fair’s digital prospects? Which business models are applicable and how long will they continue to exist within the highbrow advertising market?  Inevitably, Brown will also speak about how the magazine is navigating through the new US political landscape, and the role they will take regarding President Trump’s continual barrage against the media.  And how did it come about that Olympic champion Bruce Jenner chose the cover of Vanity Fair as the natural platform to inform the world that he will hereafter be called Caitlin? 



Dana Brown (E)
(Deputy Editor, Vanity Fair)