Technology is transforming the news. And the news are under attack. How will Facebook fight fake news? And what role does Facebook take in this post factual time where journalism is severe threatened? Is Facebook Journalism Project a contribution to strengthen free and independent journalism? How will Facebook support freedom of speech, freedom of expression - and in the broader picture - support the institutions of democracy? In retrospect, after the Napalm picture and the commotion Aftenposten started last fall, how has that affected how Facebook perceives them selves? Are they editors now? In Scandinavia, we are discussing how the government should or would contribute to support media in a transmission were advertising revenues has gone by 80% to Facebook and Google and either the payment system nor the willingness to pay is yet strongly established amongst the readers / users. How can Facebook contribute? And what about countries that does not have a government prepared to spend money to support the free press?


Moderator Speakers
Patrick Walker
(Director of Media Partnerships EMEA, Facebook)
Espen Egil Hansen
(Editor in chief, Aftenposten)