In pursuit of new revenue The New York Times launched a native advertising arm, T Brand Studio, in 2014. What began as storytelling on behalf of companies and brands, now stands for 20-30 percent of The New York Times digital revenue. The company is growing rapidly and has gained a leading position in the area of content marketing internationally. When large companies such as Statoil, Phillips and Nike want to communicate with its customers, The New York Times now earns money not only from providing ad space, but also from working on the ideas, production and distribution of what is becoming truly sophisticated and interactive, digital experiences. Often with narrative techniques that most journalists can only envy. Editor of T Brand Studio International, Nelly Gocheva, will tell us how T Brand Studio operates, success stories in native advertising and the journalistic angle they take to develop powerful content. 


Nelly Gocheva
(Global Editorial Director, T Brand Studio International, The New York Times)