In the documentary, Fight for Falluja, Pulitzer prize winning video journalist Ben C. Solomon, with the help of a VR/360 degree video, places viewers directly in the line of fire in the battle between the IS, and Iraqi government forces. Using VR/360-video, Solomon utilizes his footage from front lines and refugee camps and gives the viewer the sensation of a first-hand experience.

The New York Times journalist is coming to Bergen to discuss the new potential of using VR-video and “immersive journalism”, and will show examples of his own work.

VR journalism gives a completely different depth of experience and sensation compared to the usual type of video journalism, but also unleashes ethical and practical challenges. During The Nordic Media Festival, Solomon will give a unique insight into storytelling in VR; a format that is predicted to revolutionize journalism and TV, and gaming media.


Ben C. Solomon (E)
(Photographer, Filmmaker and Multimedia journalist, New York Times)