It has been called «The Crime of the Century». Violence, celebrities, mass media and the US justice system. 20 years later the case continues to fascinate. But the story of Orenthal James Simpson started long before that fateful night when he was charged with the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown. His career as one of the all-time greats of American football started in the late 60s during a time of immense racial tension in the USA.

The Oscar winning documentary, O.J.: Made In America, is primed for the Nordic Media Festival. Series producer, Caroline Waterlow won her first Oscar for the series. Now she will be joining us in Bergen to share with us how they made the 467-minute-long documentary. How did it all come together?

What is the best way to tell a story like this? Where does one start? What are the challenges one meets in the process? And what does it take to win an Oscar?


Moderator Speakers
Caroline Waterlow
(Producer, O.J.: Made in America)