During the first four months in 2016, Google supported Norwegian journalism projects with funding of NOK 4,7 million. The funding is part of the technology giant’s Digital News Initiative (DNI).

The stated goal of the DNI is to support quality journalism and to build a technological infrastructure that will secure a sustainable future for journalism. With a fund of 150 million Euros, which, over three years will contribute to the advancement of innovation within traditional media, Google has entered into a collaboration with media organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, including Amedia, NTB and TU.

Last year, we asked, is Google saving Journalism? Now, it´s time for evaluation. What was the effect of the DNI-support? How much quality journalism was produced? And how does Google regard this initiative so far?

Director of Strategic Relations for News and Publishers, Madhav Chinnappa will join DNI-recipients from Amedia and TU on stage and answer these questions and speak about elements they consider significant to the development of journalism.

A part of this session will be in Norwegian.


Moderator Speakers
Madhav Chinnappa
(Director of Strategic Relations for News and Publishers, Google)