With an incredible budget of £ 100 million, The Crown, is the first original Netflix series produced in the UK, and we have loved every minute of it!

The series follows both the political rivalry of the era and the private life of Queen Elizabeth II, and is based on factual events that formed the second half of the 20th century. The series skillfully balances between the characters and the epoch in which they are living, and gives us a unique insight into the spectacular and enigmatic realm of the British Monarchy 

Since the first season premiered on November 4th 2016, The Crown has been rewarded with many awards including two Golden Globes, one for Best TV Drama Series and one for Best Actress (Claire Foy).

Producers Andy Harries and Suzanne Mackie will be joining us at The Nordic Media Festival to give us a glimpse into the production behind this extraordinary lesson in history.

In addition to showing clips, they have promised us a sneak preview of Season 2. Splendid! 


Suzanne Mackie
(Producer, The Crown)