The razor-sharp political satire ‘In the Loop’ won him an Oscar nomination. Its forerunner, the iconic BBC series ‘The Thick of It’, won him no less than 13 BAFTA nominations and bagged five awards over the course of four series. He has also garnered great acclaim with the HBO series 'VEEP'. Together with leading actor Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the political comedy won a staggering 17 EMMY awards and 67 nominations over seven series.   

He received yet another Golden Globe nomination for his version of Charles Dickens' The Personal History of David Copperfield, which also won Best Screenplay at BIFA, and, on top of that, he also released the book ‘Hear Me Out' about classical music in 2017 – the same year that his film Death of Stalin premiered. 

Scottish-Italian Armando Iannucci is a highly acclaimed scriptwriter, showrunner and director who has written and produced a profusion of critically acclaimed films, TV series, and radio and comedy shows. His satirical bent and riotous take on the political landscape have made him a shining example for everyone involved in politics, humour and satire. No one has captured the political game like he has, based on his in-depth knowledge of political and journalistic processes. His work as a showrunner in the UK and the USA demonstrates his unique insight into how to both create and keep successful TV shows running in two very different production cultures. US politicians have also voted him most adept at capturing the reality of their lives.  

At this year’s Nordic Media Days, he will talk about the position of satire in our polarised world, post-Trump, and, of course, about how he works on writing such sharp, to-the-point and hilarious material. We are absolutely thrilled that he will be joining us!  


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