The plan: To get the best journalists covering each team to leave the local newspapers, TV stations or renowned news sites they worked at, to come to The Athletic. There, they would create exclusive articles that stood out in the flood of generic sports writing. Want to know the inside scoop on how Liverpool signed the new striker, or why the owners are backing Arsenals manager in the face of poor results? Then you have to read The Athletic. And more so, you have to pay for it. Following a hard paywall strategy, The Athletic publish all their content for subscribers only, free from annoying advertisements. How did they manage to lure the writers away from newspapers like The Guardian or The Liverpool Echo, to come work for them? And what can other media companies learn from their strategy about pursuing only unique coverage?  

Ed Malyon is the Managing Editor of The Athletic in the UK., and he will share the inside story of how The Athletic took on the world of sports reporting. 


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