While Great Britain had some of the most restrictive corona measures in the world, the prime minister and his associates partied in Downing Street. The news story made the Britons furious. Internal inspections, police investigation and demands to step down, followed. The process is still ongoing.  

Pippa Crerar is the political editor in The Daily Mirror. She is also the journalist that exposed the first Christmas party in Downing Street – which set the wheels in motion for what was later to be known as Partygate. She is also behind a number of corona violation exposés of Boris Johnson and his closest companions. Crerar is coming to the Nordic Media Days to talk about how she worked on the story that could mean the beginning of the end for the prime minister, the consequences and what impact the story has had on the people’s trust of the ruling class. And, what can explain Johnsons ability to hang onto his position?

Moderator: Yngve Kvistad, commentator i VG.