From being the Asian underdog to global phenomenon. South-Korea has the last decade made its name within economy, technology, and last both not least - pop-culture. “The South-Korean wave”, or Halluy as it’s called in Asia, has the last years also made its mark within our own industry.    

From “Parasite”’s four Academy Awards, the blood-and-ethics-shock that is “Squid Game”, to the absurdity of the TV-show “The Masked Singer”. South-Korean film and TV has made an impression, also in Norway. 

Why is South-Korean TV suddenly on everyone’s lips? How did they make their way here? And, are we talking about pure coincident? Or a thoroughly planned strategy from a nation fed up with being Asian culture’s little brother?       

Journalist and writer Euny Hong is the author behind the book “The Birth of Korean Cool” with the subtitle “How One Nation is Conquering the World Through Pop Culture”. She is coming to the Nordic Media Days to give us background information and a deeper understanding of the phenomenon. Fasten your seatbelt for a journey through Asian pop culture that is guaranteed to make you both wiser and happier.