“The blood is flowing, the cocaine is snowing, the communists are fighting, and the nazis are infiltrating.” This is how Norwegian TV critic Asbjørn Slettemark summarized the TV series that upended the seemingly perennial American dominance of TV dramas. In the high-strung, political Berlin, in between two world wars, we meet a colorful and complex set of characters where historical people mingle with fictional ones, where PTSD, outrageous decadence, murder, and geo-politics all come together in an aesthetically sophisticated package. This fascinating and ambitious TV drama has enraptured European viewers.

How did they do it?  Where do you start when you have so much to say? And how many takes did they need for the big dance numbers?

Achim von Borries is a writer and one of the show’s creators. Uli Hansich is the production designer responsible for the unique visual expression. During this double session we will take a deep dive into this year’s big TV drama, when these two guests come to the Nordic Media Festival. We will hear about their work to create a unique world, where the story, characters, dance, music, politics, and aesthetics come together to form something greater than the sum of its parts. Maybe we’ll even get a sneak peek of Season 3....


Moderator Speakers
Uli Hanisch
(Production designer)
Achim von Borries
(Writer and director)