Selected as Podcast of the Year for 2019 by Forbes and the New Yorker, "Dolly Parton’s America" has captured listeners worldwide.

In addition to featuring one of the most iconic artist of all time, the podcast explores a wide range of subjects, such as class and feminism, the universal notion of longing for home, cultural and regional shame, the American Civil War, race, Dolly's particular faith – and, of course, the genius of her music.

Shima Oliaee created the podcast together with Jad Abumrad and listened to every interview, read nearly everything that’s written on Dolly, and watched every boob joke she's made in her fifty year career. 

Shima Oliaee joins NMD Online to share her experience of following Dolly around the world - endeavoring to uncover how she is one of the most loved artists alive - and how she turned this experience into the podcast that’s reached fans all over the world.

Watch the session here.