In the last few years Netflix has taken the business of television by storm, in large part due to their superior recommendation logic and precise algorithms. How, exactly, do you teach machines which content to recommend to each of your 100 million members, who live in 200 different countries?

Sudeep Das, Ph.D., is a senior researcher for the personalization team at Netflix and is coming to Bergen to give us an overview of how personalization works at the streaming giant.

Here you’ll learn how every touch point of Netflix is personalized, down to every row in the homepage, and even the image artwork that one sees in the product.

He’ll also go over various challenges of making personalization happen on a global scale: such as country catalog differences, how context (such as time of day/ day of week/ being at home/ commute etc) plays an important role in recommendations, and challenges around cold starting a new title or a new user.

Additionally, Sudeep Das will talk about how the innovation cycle at Netflix: how the process is, how an idea germinates, how to act on it, develop it, and how it is finally fused into the product.


Sudeep Das
(Senior Researcher, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Netflix)