Steve Bannon is regarded one of the most influential figures of our time, and has changed the political landscape in the US. He took the right wing populist Breitbart News from being a niche website to challenging the established media in America. He was the strategist that got Donald Trump elected, something neither the opposition nor the media considered possible, and became the advisor who advocated national populism from The White House.

The future belongs to populism, Bannon believes. He founded the U.S. based Citizens of the American Republic. He’s now working on helping the populist parties of Europe, through the Brüssels-based organization The Movement.

What is Steve Bannon’s goal? What does he want to achieve in Europe? What are his predictions for the 2020 election i the US? And how does he view the media’s role in all this? Why do Donald Trump call the media «The enemy of the people»? Why does Bannon invariably refer to us as «The opposition party»? And are we just useful idiots, a tool for populists to wield?

These are some of the questions we’ll try to get answered at The Nordic Media Festival, when Steve Bannon is interviewed by Aftenposten’s USA correspondent Christina Pletten.



You can read about the launch of Steve Bannon at The Nordic Media Festival in the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv here (Norwegian only).

This is a translation of Festival Director Guri Heftye's quotes: 

- To do an interview with Steve Bannon is not to endorse his political project, but taking seriously what he represents. It is our job to ask the critical questions.

- The election of Donald Trump as president and the growth of the national populism worries many, and Steve Bannon is the foremost exponent of this movement. I have great confidence in our delegates and their ability to think critically, that they can deal with political opinions that they might strongly disagree with. We are aware of his point of view and cannot pretend he does not exist. 

- This is not about liking or not liking Steve Bannon, it is the phenomenon of Steve Bannon and the rise of the national populism and the attack on the media we need to understand and analyze.




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