For two seasons The Demogorgon has scared the wits out of Mike, Dustin, Nancy, and the other kids in Hawkins - and all of us watching at home, too. We’ve been captivated by supernatural, parallell worlds and giant showdowns with the forces of darkness, and held our collective breath while our friends clawed their way through the toxic wasteland of the Upside Down.

The series’ creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, reached out to Aaron Sims Creative for what has now become an iconic monster in the modern TV canon. Aaron Sims has been a purveyor of monstrous designs for none other than Steven Spielberg and worked on four out of the ten biggest box-office hits of 2017.

The Duffer brothers liked his ideas and methods so much that they hired Sims and his team to design the entire 1980’s atmosphere of the show, including the mysterious parallell world of the Upside Down. Aaron Sims and his producer Michael Pecchia will give us a glimpse of what it takes to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to designing worlds for the screen, creating monsters, and bringing visual effects to fruition.

“Our method, when we get to take part in the whole chain, coming in at the script and storyboarding stage, ‘till what the viewers see on the screen, has made productions like Stranger Things much more effective when it comes to time and money,” says Sims’ team.

This, and more, is part of the conversation when we get to meet the creators behind the atmospheric visuals and special effects from the hit cult show we all love!


Moderator Speakers
Michael Pecchia
(Executive Producer)