Since the birth of Twitch back in 2011, streaming of gaming has made the platform the biggest and most powerful streaming service within the segment, with 2.2 million live broadcasts on a monthly basis, and 15 million daily users. 

From being a platform highly dedicated to gaming, Twitch is continuously expanding into new areas within the pop culture. Areas where traditional media used to be the kings.

So how do you reach millions of young people, make them stick to your service, and make your business profitable at the same time? And what does their Amazon ownership mean for Twitch? And do services as Twitch co-exist or compete with the old media players?

Adam Harris is Global Head of the Twitch Brand Partnership Studio and he will join us at the Nordic Media Festival 2020 to tell us all about how Twitch is working with different brands and content producers to reach millions of young gamers every day.