Almost 20 years after it premiered, The West Wing still frequently appears on lists of the best television shows of all time. After its Netflix re-launch in 2013 (and some extra help from Donald Trump) the show has had a big revival, both attracting nostalgic fans from when the show originally aired, as well as younger audiences.

What is it about The West Wing that still resonates? How did they manage to win more than two dozen Emmys? And what really happened to Mandy after season one?

To find an answer to these questions, former West Wing-star, Joshua Malina, and co-host Hrishikesh Hirway started the podcast The West Wing Weekly. Every week they dissect and discuss a new episode of The West Wing, with an ambitious goal to get through all 154 by 2019.

The “re-watch”-trend took off when streaming services started filling their libraries with old classics. Nostalgic fans flocked to blogs and podcasts offering in-depth analysis of the back catalogue of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, X-Files and the likes.

The first episode of The West Wing Weekly soared to the top of the iTunes podcast top list, and to the Nordic Media Festival Malina and Hirway comes to tell us why and how to make a podcast about a 19 year old TV show, and to reveal what they have learned about the making of one of the greatest TV-dramas ever made.


Moderator Speakers
Joshua Malina
(Actor and podcast producer)
Hrishikesh Hirway
(Musician and composer)