As an investigative reporter for the New York Times, Mark Mazzetti has been reporting on Donald Trump since before he moved into the White House four years ago. What started out as a story on how the unorthodox business leader would shape the presidency, turned into an investigation of Russian interference on the election. Mazzetti and a team of reporters followed the Mueller investigation, but also pursued their own leads. Their effort was awarded a prestigious Pulitzer prize in 2018.  Soon after the Mueller report was published last year, Mazzetti and his colleagues moved onto a new story on foreign ties – the Ukraine story.

Reporting on the president and possible ties to foreign powers is the extreme sports of journalism: Not only are the stakes extremely high, you are also trying to get information from some of the most secretive sources imaginable. How did the reporters conduct their investigations? What practical and ethical challenges did they face, and what security concerns did they have to take into account? Two-time Pulitzer-winner Mark Mazzetti joins NMD Online to share what he and the New York Times reporters learned from investigating Trump’s foreign ties.

Watch the session here.

Photo: Lucas Jackson/Reuters/NTB