Gina Barnett

Speaker coach

After spend the majority of her working life in the professional theater, Barnett decided to bring her knowledge of the profound effects (on oneself and on others) of communication style and embodied presence to c-suite professionals around the globe. She’s coached thought leaders in science, heath care, finance, the arts, marketing, advertising, and technology.

Working globally from Russia, to Thailand and most of Europe, she’s coached individuals and teams from over 30 countries. Having coached so many from such diverse cultures has only deepened her belief that whether you hail from Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, India or China, communication excellence in today’s global economy is essential.

Her trainings in leadership presence and communication are offered at such renowned organizations as Novartis, HSBC, The Guggenheim Foundation, GSK. Since 2011 she’s been speaker coach for the MainStage TED Conference, and since 2013 for TED Fellows and TED Institute. Additionally, she’s been speaker coach for Platform, an organization devoted to increasing diversity in the innovation economy, since it’s inception. She delights in mentoring up-coming social entrepreneurs. 

Her book “Play The Part: Master Body Signals to Connect and Communicate for Business Success,” was published by McGraw Hill in June 2015. She works, writes, plays – as well as writes plays – in New York, where she and her husband live.